Screens in industrial design with matt black profiles

Industrial design in bathrooms is a phenomenon of the present, not only in loft apartments. Did you also find yourself looking at an old factory hall as you admire its large pane windows? Did you think that it would not be bad to have such a window in the bathroom? With CURE BLACK walk-in screens you have the opportunity to make this dream come true.

From the outside, the glass is framed by a black matte frame and optically divided by horizontal profiles into 4 windows. The screens of 1200 and 1400 mm widths are additionally provided with a vertical profile so that the screen is divided into 8 panels. From the inside, the screen is perfectly smooth and treated with Coated Glass for easy maintenance. In addition, all screens can be equipped with a fixed additional panel.

Characteristics of walk-in screens CURE BLACK series

  • Clear safety glass 8 mm thick
  • Coated Glass coating prevents scale buildup and facilitates cleaning
  • Frame and profiles on the outside of the screens in matt black finish
  • Height 2000 mm
  • Vertical strut 1000 mm long in matt black is included
  • 1400 mm vertical strut in matt black to buy
  • The strut can be shortened to the required dimension
  • Screens in widths from 700 to 1400 mm
  • Possibility to add a fixed additional panel with a width of 350 mm
Stability is ensured by a vertical strut with a length of 1000 mm. Its length can be adjusted to the desired dimension. From the inside, the glass is perfectly smooth. In addition, it is coated with Coated Glass for easy maintenance. The industrial design is accentuated by aluminum matt black profiles that line the glass.


  • A chemical compound of a polymer blend that reacts with the silicate groups contained in the glass in conjunction with catalysts
  • A continuous film layer is created on the glass surfaces to fill the micropores in the glass and repel water

How does COATED GLASS work?

  • Due to the water-repellent film, the water droplets clump together and run down from the glass surface
  • Even if there is a slight retention of smaller drops on the glass, thanks to COATED GLASS there will be no chemical binding, the glass will not be disturbed and will not turn gray
  • Even such treated glass requires occasional maintenance, which is very easy and time-saving thanks to COATED GLASS; For cleaning glass we recommend a special set of products PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT

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