We regret to inform you that our warehouse will be closed from 16. December 2023 to 21. January 2024 due to relocation to a new logistics centre in Ovčary near Kolín.
During this period there will be no dispatches or personal pick-ups possible.


History and Present


UBC Ltd.

  • is a wholesale and production company in a 100% Czech ownership
  • is a modern and dynamic company operating in the Market since 1991
  • has a team of experienced salesmen, managers, designers and purchase and stock workers
  • has modern showrooms in Libeznice and Pribram
  • has its own storage space, logistic centre and photostudio
  • employs more than 120 people

UBC Ltd. is a manufacturing and distribution group, which has become an attractive alternative to the established brands on the market of bathroom equipment over the last years.

UBC Ltd. represents the following brands:

  • POLYSAN - bath tubs, shower trays and shower enclosures, manufacturer since 1996
  • LOREMA - wellness equipment manufacturer since 1995
  • SAPHO - complete bathroom product range supplier
  • AQUALINE - low cost bathroom equipment
  • GELCO - shower trays and shower enclosures manufacturer

Our products are used by customers  both in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and other European countries.

Of note, in the history of our company, worth catalogs, by themselves since 1999 we put together.
How to grow our business grows, we are offering print materials.
Now we publish 4 types of catalogs:

SAPHO PROFESSIONAL - detailed offer sanitary wares including prices for professionals
SAPHO PEOPLE/INSPIRATION - motivation, ideas and prices for the entire bathroom 
SAPHO AQUALINE - a wide range of products in the bathroom with an extremely favorable price-quality ratio
SAPHO WALL/FLOOR TILES - Complete overview of tiles, including pricing