When designing the SIGMA SIMPLY frame shower screens, emphasis was placed on elegance, functionality and especially easy and quick installation. Thin polished aluminum profiles retain airiness and the metal handle in chrome, designed for a comfortable grip, will please every fan of modern style. The lower folding travel system is used for easy maintenance of the sliding doors, and double bearing travels ensure ease of opening.
We recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT products for glass cleaning.

General characteristics of the SIGMA SIMPLY series shower screens:

  • 6 mm thick safety glass screen with COATED GLASS finish for easy maintenance
  • Choose from 2 types of glass panels: clear glass and brick glass
  • Double bearing slides, lower tilt for convenient cleaning
  • Polished aluminum profiles
  • Recessed round handle, which is part of the screens, can be replaced with a square one (optional)
  • Vertical silicone and magnetic seals prevent water splashing
  • Quarter-circle screens and quarter-circle screens with an extended wall with sliding doors
  • You can create square and rectangular screens with a corner entrance by connecting two sliding doors for a corner entrance
  • By combining a side wall and a door, you get a rectangular / square screen - a choice of sliding and pivot doors
  • For pivot doors, the glass is mounted in a rotating pivot hinge, this mechanism provides long life
  • The door allows variable installation with left or right opening
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Extended warranty 3 years

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