Luxury series of shower screens

Luxurious series of shower screens in a perfectly clean design with robust profiles made of polished aluminum. Unique SOFT CLOSE system for comfortable and easy door closing. In the menu you will find rectangular, square and niche.

General characteristics of the FONDURA series shower screens:

  • The shower door can be installed in a niche or with a side wall.
  • Guide rail with SOFT CLOSE mechanism with retraction for comfortable closing.
  • The door is made of 8 mm thick safety glass with a double-sided COATED GLASS finish for easy maintenance.
  • Wall profiles allow easy installation of glass without the need for drilling.
  • The threshold bar prevents water from leaking from the shower area into the bathroom.
  • The door is divided into a sliding part and a fixed part.
  • The door glass is freely hinged without the lower guide profile.
  • Extended warranty 3 years



  • A chemical compound of polymer mixtures which, in conjunction with catalysts, reacts with silicate groups contained in glass
  • A continuous layer of film is formed on the glass surfaces, which has the task of filling the micropores in the glass and repelling water.

How does COATED GLASS work?

  • Due to the water-repellent film, water droplets clump and run off the glass surface
  • Even if small drops are slightly retained on the glass, thanks to COATED GLASS there will be no chemical bonding, the glass will not be disturbed and will not turn gray
  • However, even glass treated in this way requires occasional maintenance, which is very easy and time-saving thanks to COATED GLASS; we recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT products for glass cleaning

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