The VARIO walk-in screen collection offers a smart and flexible solution according to individual and spatial layouts. The modular system of glass, struts and profiles enables a well-thought-out combination of dimensions, colors and shapes of the screens - either against the wall or in the space. The elegant appearance thanks to a minimum of components in chrome, black matt, white matt, gold or gold matt finish is suitable for every bathroom.

Characteristics of walk-in shower screens of the VARIO series

  • Screens in widths from 700 to 1400 mm
  • Safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm to choose from clear / smoked / frosted / nordic
  • The Coated Glass finish prevents limescale and makes cleaning easier
  • Wall profiles with a tolerance of 15 mm facilitate the stable installation of screens, installation is possible on tiles or a shower tray
  • Screen wall profile to choose from: chrome / black mat / white mat / gold / gold mat
  • Perpendicular strut with a length of 1400 mm to choose from chrome / black matt / white matt / gold / gold matt
  • The vertical brace can be shortened to the required size
  • Corner strut with a length of 650 mm to choose from in chrome / black matt
  • The possibility of adding a fixed additional panel with a width of 350 mm in the design of clear glass and the color of the profile chrome / black mat
  • Variable design L/R
  • Height 2000 mm

Shower enclosure assembly combination:

With corner brace
and wall profile
Screens up to 1000 mm wide

With vertical brace
and wall profile

Two screens with a wall
profile connected by perpendiculars
struts and T-coupling

Screen in space
with two vertical struts

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