The shower screens of the ANTIQUE range will be appreciated not only by fans of period style elegance

The ANTIQUE line is a demonstration that classic bathroom interior design can be kept up to date and stylish. We offer bronze and chrome finish. Classic shapes, fine detail processing, the use of refined accessories, as well as the latest materials, all provide maximum comfort in the bathroom. The side wall can be combined with revolving or sliding doors. This gives you square or rectangular screens in up to 12 variations. In combination with RETRO and CLASSIC sanitary ceramics, DIAMOND accessories, SASSARI, VIENNA or ANTEA batteries, it perfectly illustrates the authentic period atmosphere.

Total characteristics of ANTIQUE shower enclosures:

  • Bronze profiles and decorative elements perfectly evoke the period atmosphere
  • Choice of chrome finish
  • 8 mm safety clear glass
  • Water spray prevents sill strip and magnetic seal
  • Two-piece sliding and rotating one-piece doors allow installation in niche or combination with sidewall
  • Sliding doors have double bearing travels
  • The lower door is equipped with a tilting system for easy cleaning
  • All glasses are coated with a COATED GLASS chemical layer to prevent scale build-up
  • Extended warranty 3 years


  • It is a chemical compound of a mixture of polymers which, in conjunction with catalysts, reacts with the silicate groups contained in the glass
  • A continuous film layer is created on the glass surfaces to fill the micropores in the glass and repel water

How does COATED GLASS work?

  • Due to the water-repellent film, water drops coalesce and run off the glass surface
  • Even if there is a slight maintenance of smaller drops on the glass, COATED GLASS does not cause chemical bonding, the glass will not be broken and grayed out
  • However, even such treated glass requires occasional maintenance, which is very easy and time-saving thanks to COATED GLASS; we recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT products for cleaning the glass

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