Mirror cabinets, galleries, for recessing into the niche

INTEGRA mirror cabinets are designed for installation - at first glance they look like mirrors, but with the advantage of hidden storage space.

The doors are mirrored on both sides and are additionally equipped with a practical metal handle for easy opening. The fresh design is underlined by glass height-adjustable shelves. For multi-door galleries, the space behind each door is separate, allowing independent adjustment of the shelves in each section. The integrated vertical LED lighting on the sides of the gallery is the icing on to perfection.

If you would like the comfort of storage space for the necessary cosmetic details, but classic galleries discourage you with their view of space, you will definitely fall in love with Integra. The only disadvantage is the need to take into account already during the construction or reconstruction of the bathroom with a niche for the installation of the selected model, including the supply cable for connecting the lighting.

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