As a rule, the simple and airy style of the bathroom was represented only by modern furniture, for which materials such as steel, glass and artificial stone were used and which strictly adhered to the minimalist technostyl. Our BRAND series dispels this myth. Thanks to the sophisticated design of shapes and materials used, it offers a simple and airy shape. The use of solid wood directly encourages the design of the bathroom in the Mediterranean spirit. The range of washbasin cabinets with ceramic washbasins 70 and 90 cm wide and table-shaped cabinets 100, 130 and 160 cm wide for standing washbasins is complemented by benches with storage space, a number of additional cabinets and practical seating chairs. We supply in the colors of stained spruce and antique white.

Surface treatment STAINED SPRUCE = The furniture is stained with 1 layer of stain, the top cover varnish is from the Italian company ASTRA VERNICI.
Surface treatment OLD WHITE = The furniture is painted with a basic white matt color, the top cover varnish is from the Italian company ASTRA VERNICI.

For solid wood furniture, pin joints are used. This is one of the most pressure-resistant connections. If it is reinforced with wedges, it also resists tension well.
It is used to connect vertical and horizontal parts - for example, the legs of furniture with a partition.

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