Aluminum structures under the sink with an integrated drawer - that's SKARA. The profiles of the structure are painted in matt black, the complementary drawer is made of laminate boards in Collingwood oak or Alabama oak decor. The drawer is handleless, which underlines the fresh design of the sink structure. Of course, the Soft close system of automatic closing of the drawer, which is provided by BLUM drawers.
Suspended constructions in widths of 60, 80 and 100 cm are intended for the TWIG washbasin made of cast marble in white color. The offer also includes a variant of the structure to be placed under the FORMIGO concrete washbasin, which we offer in several decors. Instead of a sink, you can add a rockstone top to these cabinets and then place any countertop sink on top of the cabinet. The offer also includes structures designed exclusively for installation with a rockstone slab in widths of 70, 90 and 100 cm.

Constructions from the SKARA series are suitable for bathrooms furnished in a modern and industrial style. They are perfectly complemented by the SKARA high cabinet in the same decor or the TREOS cabinets and mirrors with a frame in a wooden decor or the illuminated SORT mirrors in a black aluminum frame.

When manufacturing furniture, we use the BLUM® TANDEMBOX antaro drawer extension system with integrated BLUMOTION damping function. All drawers equipped with this system can be opened very easily and simply with one hand movement. TANDEMBOX antaro ensures a high quality of movement with a dynamic load capacity of 30 and 65 kg.

The BLUMOTION integrated damping technology guarantees smooth running, closes the furniture softly and quietly throughout the entire lifespan of the furniture. It does not matter how firmly you close the drawers or how full and therefore loaded they are.

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