The TWIGA series presents an offer of washstands that offer variability in color design. Washbasin tables in sizes 80 to 130 cm impress with their timeless, airy design, which makes them stand out in modern, loft and industrially furnished bathrooms.
The basis is a steel support in matt black, which perfectly matches the wooden decor of AVICE laminate boards. The boards are made of 48 mm thick MDF boards with a high-pressure laminate surface that is resistant to water and scratches. Their front edge is flat with an ABS edge with a thickness of 1-2 mm, and the entire bottom surface is coated with a white waterproof laminate.

The table consists of a TWIGA steel support, an AVICE top plate with a depth of 50 cm and an AVICE bottom plate (shelf) with a depth of 39 cm. Tables with dimensions of 110 to 130 cm can be supplemented with a drawer.

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