If you choose a classic design with moderate shapes and at the same time with a distinctive designer line and complement it with natural materials, you will get a range of beautiful CROSS furniture. Solid beech wood in a mahogany shade or spruce wood in an old-white color gives it a touch of decent luxury. The glazing of the front surfaces only completes the overall well-being and kindness that really radiates from this furniture. An indisputable advantage is the offer of sanitary ware products in the same shape, with which you will fine-tune the appearance of the entire bathroom. For example, the Classic series offers washbasins, a combi toilet, a wall-hung toilet and a bidet.
CROSS washbasin cabinets are available in several widths and can be complemented by a range of side cabinets and mirrors in a similar design.

Cabinets in a mahogany shade are impregnated with 2 layers of oil: colored to unify the color of the wood and colorless for greater durability. In the old-white variant, the cabinets are painted white, then sanded to achieve a retro look and finally repainted with clear lacquer for greater durability.

For solid wood furniture, pin joints are used. This is one of the most pressure-resistant connections. If it is reinforced with wedges, it also resists tension well.
It is used to connect vertical and horizontal parts - for example, the legs of furniture with a partition.

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