A characteristic feature of the AMIA series is the plastic frame of drawers and doors. In combination with a ceramic or cast marble washbasin, we get interesting furniture for the bathroom interior. The drawers are equipped with BLUM ® drawers with BLUMOTION damping function with a lifetime warranty. We offer cabinets in 2 laminate decors with oak wood structure in widths of 60, 75, 90 and 120 cm. There are also 2 types of additional shelving. You can get the cabinet with the laundry basket by simply removing the lower shelf at the additional cabinet 35 cm wide and installing a cloth Velcro laundry basket.

In the production of furniture, we use the BLUM TANDEMBOX antaro drawer pull-out system with an integrated BLUMOTION damping function. All drawers equipped with this system can be opened easily and easily with one hand movement. TANDEMBOX antaro ensures high quality of movement with a dynamic load capacity of 30 and 65 kg.
The BLUMOTION integrated damping technology guarantees smooth running, closing the furniture softly and quietly for the entire life of the furniture. It does not matter how vigorously you close the drawers or how full they are and therefore loaded.

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