We regret to inform you that our warehouse will be closed from 16. December 2023 to 21. January 2024 due to relocation to a new logistics centre in Ovčary near Kolín.
During this period there will be no dispatches or personal pick-ups possible.


MORIAN washbasin cabinets create a fresh impression, which will be appreciated especially by those who prefer a countertop, but lack storage space. MORIAN cabinets successfully solve this problem! The bevelled edges of the front of the cabinet add elegance and directly guide the storage of necessities in the open shelf section. The drawers are handleless, open by pulling on the side and are equipped with an automatic closing system. Available in oak and black oak decors and widths from 100 to 140 cm.
The collection is complemented by tall cabinets in the same style with bevelled front edges. The doors are handleless, open by pulling and are equipped with deceleration hinges.

The furniture is delivered assembled, ready for immediate installation.
Install the furniture on a flat wall. If the cabinet body is twisted, the function of the closing mechanisms may fail. Do not expose the furniture to permanent humidity and contact with water.

  • Washbasin cabinets are without holes for siphon and faucet in the worktop, they must be drilled

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