Baths for well-being and relaxation

The offer of hydromassage bathtubs includes bathtubs of all shapes - from classic rectangular bathtubs for one or two people, through asymmetrical bathtubs to round bathtubs. They can be ordered in the HYDRO version, where the body massage is provided by 12 water directionally adjustable jets, and in the extended HYDRO AIR version, which is enriched with air jets, so the body is relaxed by a total of 22 jets.

Backlit control Directionally adjustable water jets Air nozzles Suction basket

Hydromassage baths can be supplemented with RGB spot chromotherapy. It includes 8 point LED diodes, which are mounted around the perimeter of the bath. The lighting is controlled via a piezo controller located on the bath. In conjunction with hydromassage, chromotherapy is a pleasant relaxation supplement.

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