Manus all-stainless steel floor ducts with a grate in a modern design and perfect workmanship. An elegant solution for draining shower enclosures, which allows you to maintain a compact and harmonious appearance of the bathroom. It is used to drain floor surfaces inside buildings, especially shower enclosures and bathrooms, where it replaces a shower tray or floor drain.


  • Ducts with stainless steel siphon and extra low construction height
  • Installation height 55 mm
  • Grate width 70 mm
  • Flow 42 l / min, waste 50 mm
  • Length range: 650 to 1250 mm
  • They allow barrier-free access to the shower
  • The body of the channel and siphon is welded from stainless steel AISI304, which minimizes the risk of leaks
  • The DN50 outlet is suitable for all types of piping systems
  • Sloping bottom of the gutter for faster water drainage
  • The easily removable and cleanable odor trap allows full access to the drain pipe
  • Horizontal edging for easy connection of screed insulation
  • Vertical edging for wall installation

Important details

Grills and maintenance
MANUS duct gratings are only 70 mm wide, have a unique shape and a perfectly smooth surface. All MANUS shower ducts are brushed to a satin gloss and have a perfectly smooth surface. Therefore, they are easy to maintain, as residual water and soap can be easily removed.

User comfort is enhanced by an effective anti-odor seal, which is made of stainless steel with an O-ring seal. This design eliminates the risk of loss of leakage or failure, and can be easily disassembled and cleaned. It provides full access to the waste pipe and its eventual cleaning.

Low installation height
Only 55 mm from the horizontal flange of the channel to the bottom of the siphon while maintaining a high flow rate. You will especially appreciate the renovation of bathrooms, which saves space, work and money.

Adjustable legs
The bendable legs of the duct help to settle the duct in the required position and height and significantly facilitate installation.

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