The FLEXIA cast marble bathtub is the right solution, especially when replacing a bathtub with a shower. The elegant design of the tub, which comes with a siphon with a cover in three color versions, will give your shower corner an unmistakable and original look.

  • The construction of the floor - bathtub allows its installation even in completely atypical spaces such as corners with cut-outs, or into irregularly shaped corners (beveled tubs)
  • The shower floor can be cut to the desired size. The cut of the FLEXIA floor must be straight (cuts, bevels, cutouts), it cannot be cut to a radius (arcs). Specify the request for a size adjustment at the same time as ordering the bathtub.
  • Surcharge for adjusting the size according to the valid price list
  • We offer square and rectangular bathtubs in widths from 80 to 180 cm and lengths from 70 to 100 cm
  • We offer quarter-round bathtubs in sizes 80x80 to 120x90 cm
  • Bath tubs can be installed with feet; the appropriate type of feet is listed with each tub.
  • Standard version in white color, it is also possible to order a color version according to the RAL gloss sample for an additional 30% to the basic price
    (A RAL matt color version is not possible.)

When entering the dimensions, it is important to take into account the tolerance for the accuracy of the cut. FLEXIA shower floors are cut to the required size on a machine formatting saw with a tolerance of ± 2 mm per meter cut. The subsequent cut is not visible.
The location of the siphon opening is fixed and cannot be changed. Due to the strength of the floor, it is recommended to make any cuts around the siphon at least 15 cm from the center of the siphon.
Due to dilatation, we do not recommend the installation of trays under the cladding.

  • A special siphon with a cap must be ordered separately. You can choose from a siphon with a cover in stainless steel, white or black.

We provide a 2-year warranty for POLYSAN shower trays made of cast marble. Correct installation according to the instructions is a condition of the warranty.

Examples of atypical cut:

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