Stainless steel drainage channels at reasonable prices

The drain channel is used to drain floor surfaces inside buildings, especially shower enclosures and bathrooms. In shower enclosures it replaces a bathtub or floor drain. This solution allows for an unlimited size of the shower enclosure, a harmonized appearance of the bathroom, a single-level floor throughout the bathroom and the possibility of using underfloor heating.

  • Adjustable feet: the bendable legs of the channel help set the channel in position and height and greatly facilitate installation
  • 360 ° swivel siphon for direct connection to drain (without elbows)
  • Horizontal hem for waterproofing connection
  • Through siphon allows full access to the drain pipe and easy cleaning up to the riser
  • The gutter is sloped towards the siphon, which means that the water will not remain in the channel after the shower
  • Grate of polished stainless steel, on which no water and dirt residues will settle

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