Cast acrylic reinforced with fiberglass

Polysan Acrylic Shower Trays represent the highest quality in the segment. They are made of cast acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. The bottom of the tray is reinforced with a DTD board. Acrylate has a very smooth surface with minimal slipping potential, very good damping of the incident water and is color fast. The robust construction is indicated by the weight of the tray (11 - 17 kg). Waste siphon is not included in the price of the tray. When installing the cladding panel, we recommend using a tray with a supporting structure.

Extended Warranty

POLYSAN shower trays made of acrylic are guaranteed for 10 years.
The condition of the guarantee is correct installation according to the instructions, including the use of original POLYSAN pedestals (PO60 / 60, PO80 / 80, PO100 / 100, PO60 / 80 or PO60 / 100), according to the type of deep tray. The recommended base type is always listed for each deep tray in the accessory.

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