Warm Tiles heating mats and cables with increased protection for wet areas increase comfort when using the bathroom, toilet or kitchen. The desired floor temperature and switching time can be selected using the wall thermostat. The floor can only be warm in the morning and evening, when you use the bathroom most often. The installation itself during the laying of the paving is not complicated and will definitely pay off. The warm floor will please bare feet not only in the winter months.


  • Minimum mounting height 3-5 mm
  • Installation directly under the tiles in a flexible adhesive
  • Suitable for any substrate, can be used for existing paving during reconstruction
  • Faster heating start-up than with conventional systems
  • Easy and fast installation during paving
  • Possibility to use as year-round or additional heating
  • Possibility of heating selected places or entire areas
  • Simple operation with wall thermostat
  • The goods are manufactured in the Czech Republic

More information:
Resistance cables are the most common type of heating cable. The core of these cables is made of so-called resistance (resistive material), which heats up when an electric current passes through it.
The underside of the mat is provided with double-sided adhesive tape, enabling the mat to be fixed to the substrate before it is covered with a flexible sealant.

The heating mat is actually a heating circuit, which is fixed in the production to the fabric in loops with even spacings. The heating mat is significantly easier to install than the heating cable, and an even distribution of surface power is also ensured.

Two-core heating cable - the connecting cable is only at one end of the heating cable. It is not necessary to return to the connection point with the cable during installation.
The mat must not be placed under fixtures such as baths, showers, toilets, etc., as well as under furniture that does not allow free airflow. The minimum distance of heating cables from fixtures (bath, shower, built-in wardrobe, kitchen unit ...), which prevents heat dissipation, and the walls is 5 cm.

Installation and connection of two heating mats is possible. By connection is meant el. connection of mats in parallel to the thermostat output - both mats are switched simultaneously. It is not possible to connect one mat to the end of the other.

By not using a sufficient layer of thermal insulation under the heating system, you run the risk of heat loss down to the floor. For optimal operating parameters, we recommend using our special ISOLA insulation pads.

How fast the heating can be expected? With additional ISOLA insulation approx. 10-15 minutes * ) , without additional insulation (depending on the floor composition) 1-3 hours, in extreme cases (floor completely without thermal insulation) the system can be practically non-functional.

* ) Increasing the surface temperature of the floor from 20 ° C to approx. 27 ° C at an air temperature of 20-22 ° C.

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