Electric radiators with straight (DIRECT-E) and round (ORBIT-E) horizontal pipes in white and black. Electric heaters are suitable for placement in bathrooms, corridors or toilets. They are equipped with an electric heating rod with a cable and a socket plug.

The radiator is not equipped with a room temperature thermostat - we recommend using the ST311 plug-in thermostat.

  • Electrical connection only version
  • A heating rod without a thermostat is included
  • The radiator is filled with a non-freezing anti-corrosion mixture with a freezing point of up to -5 °C
  • After purchase and correct installation, the radiator as a whole can be operated immediately when connected to the electrical circuit
  • The heating rod is installed on the right side of the radiator. If you need an electrical connection on the other side, the heating rod and plug can be interchanged.

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