Water softener IPS Kalyxx BlueLine

IPS (Ion Polarization System) - Kalyxx equipment is designed for physical - galvanic water treatment for households, public buildings and industrial premises.

IPS Kalyxx preserves all health benefits in water. At the same time, it effectively prevents the formation of solid scale deposits and corrosion in cold and hot service water pipes, boiler heaters, faucets, appliances and the like. It is suitable for new piping as a prevention, as well as for older pipelines, where it gradually removes existing deposits.

IPS Kalyxx is a flow body with inlet and outlet ports. Turbine-shaped electrodes (not magnets) of two different electrically conductive materials are housed in the body. The design of the electrodes is patent protected (TGP® - turbulent galvanic polarization). It creates a swirling flow of water, causing a change in the structure of minerals. The water that flows through the body creates a galvanic wet cell with voltages between 4.2 and 6 V. The result is that minerals and salts in the treated water lose their ability to form hard crystalline deposits (calcite). They acquire the structure of soft particles - sludge (aragonite) and are washed away with water.

Note: The presence of soft powder at the bottom of the kettle does not mean that the IPS Kalyxx does not work. It is a transformed aragonite in powder form that can be easily removed with a finger or cloth.

Advantages of the new IPS Kalyxx over IPS Plus and IPS Premium

  • More attractive design (stainless steel body)
  • Larger flow chamber = longer exposure to water
  • Design change of electrodes from straight (linear) to turbines (propellers) = achieving turbulent effect of TGP ( turbulent galvanic polarization)
  • TGP increased the flow chamber voltage from 0.6 - 0.8 V to 4.2 - 6 V = more efficient mineral structure change
  • Increased efficiency - Kalyxx reduces scale build-up by 76.3%. Confirmed with IAPMO international certificate.
  • Silver-plated electrodes that reduce bacteria in the pipeline.

BlueLine Antibacterial - equipment is recommended for drinking water treatment. In addition to limescale reduction and corrosion, it has an antibacterial effect. Silver-plated electrodes reduce the presence of bacteria in the pipeline.
IPS removes odor water, improves its taste and prolongs freshness. It also increases the pH of the water, which thus becomes alkaline. Water treated in this way improves metabolism and promotes digestion. It is suitable for long-term drinking.

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