Picture: Equipe

Country of origin: Spain
www: www.equipeceramicas.com

The Company was incorporated on September 27, 1999 Equipe CERÁMICAS SL to meet the demands of a growing niche market.

In just five years after its launch, the Equipe become the undisputed leader in the national and international products on the market and began to grow and increase their production.

In 2005 the company began to concentrate its efforts on small formats, and began the process of change in terms of product and business strategy.

EQUIPE currently has more than 100 employees. Its main markets are in Europe and Latin America. At the same time, the company has become a key vendor in Spain, Italy, France, UK and Germany.

Equipe's vision is to become the leading company in the sector of small format. A real commitment to clients is transparency, proximity and flexibility that make this company.

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