Sanitary ceramics CLASSIC from the Italian manufacturer GSI excels above all in its original appearance. If you like the smell of old times or period objects, you will definitely choose from our offer. They are an excellent choice for those who prefer classic shapes. You can complete the washbasins with a ceramic column, which you will find in the accessories.

Traditional elegance of proven shapes and a wide selection of offered elements

  • the offered washbasins can be supplemented with CROSS or VIOLETA furniture, which corresponds to their shapes
  • toilets are equipped with the SAVE WATER system, which allows flushing only 4.5 liters of water, and the seats with the SOFT CLOSE (slow tilt) and QUICK RELEASE (removable seat) system
  • the whole series is equipped with EXTRAGLAZE glaze

Extraglaze® ceramic glaze is applied to products already during the production cycle before firing, which guarantees its lasting effect.
Extraglaze® gives ceramics a perfectly smooth surface, high gloss and protection against limescale deposits. The ceramics are so bright white and easy to clean.

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