Handmade ceramic washbasins with ATTILA glaze are a new trend in bathroom furnishing. The surface of the sinks is pleasant to the touch and at the same time does not require demanding maintenance. We have several different glazes and sizes to choose from. The original texture of each piece will support the uniqueness of your bathroom.

  • Handmade, individual pieces may vary slightly in color and diameter may vary by up to 2 cm
  • Double-sided colored and glazed ceramics

We recommend using a washer between the sink and the countertop, which makes it easier to fix and seal the sinks on the countertop, where the sinks at the bottom do not have a flat surface. There is a transparent seal at the top and bottom of the pad.
The outlet then passes through the pad. For sinks without an overflow, we recommend a closable or non-closable outlet with a longer screw connection, with the possibility of shortening according to the thickness of the plate.

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