Inspired by the beauty of the Pyrenees

Perhaps inspired by the view of the beauty of the Pyrenees, the designer designed a series of PIRENEI accessories. The solid base, a combination of straight lines and rounded edges is a combination of elegance and majesty. In a matte white and chrome finish with satin glass, it glitters like the snow-capped peaks of the mountains on a sunny day. And as the day turns into a velvety dark night, white and chrome accessories also have a counterpart in a matte black design.

Recommended maintenance:
To maintain the aesthetic quality of the product, it is recommended to clean the surface of black products (bathroom accessories, stands and others), only with a soft cloth and water. At the same time, it is recommended to wipe the surface dry after use, so that no drops of water remain on the surface, which could subsequently start to settle in the form of limescale.
Abrasives and aggressive cleaning agents must not be used for cleaning.

Extended surface finish warranty

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