Combination of a cylindrical body with a square nozzle in a washbasin mixer

Cylindrical body and square nozzle or square body and square nozzle, these timeless variants are available in the KAI range. The uniform design is emphasized by a massive lever that corresponds in shape to the nozzles. We offer KAI in chrome and black matt.

Recommended battery maintenance in black:
To maintain the aesthetic quality of the product, it is recommended to clean the surface of black products (faucets, hand and overhead showers, hoses, siphons, drains and other accessories) with a soft cloth and water only. At the same time, it is recommended to wipe the surface dry after use so that no water droplets remain on the surface, which could subsequently settle in the form of scale.
Do not use abrasives or aggressive cleaning agents.

Extended warranty on battery tightness

Cartridge replacement guide »Instruction video on how to replace the cartridge for selected batteries in this series

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