Combination of a cylindrical body with a square nozzle in a washbasin mixer

Cylindrical body and square nozzle or square body and square nozzle, these timeless variants can be found in the KAI series. The uniform design is underlined by the solid lever, which corresponds in shape to the spouts. We offer KAI in chrome and matt black.

Recommended maintenance of faucets, shower columns and other accessories in black or white:
To maintain the aesthetic quality of the product, we recommend cleaning the surface of the products (faucets, shower columns, hand and overhead showers, hoses, siphons, drains and other accessories) only with a soft cloth and water. At the same time, we recommend wiping dry after use so that no drops of water remain on the surface and limescale cannot start to settle.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or aggressive cleaning agents for cleaning.

Extended battery tightness warranty

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