Series Ginko - top in current battery design

Despite the combination of sharp edges and flat surfaces, the GINKO series retains its lightness and elegance. It will be the dominant element in the bathroom, which is not just looked at, and it will make you happy in the timeless design for many years. Of interest are three sizes of washbasin faucets and faucet with gutter. It is also worth mentioning the beautiful spout for the bathtub. The collection is complemented by a bathtub faucet in the space.

Recommended maintenance of faucets, shower columns and other accessories in black or white:
To maintain the aesthetic quality of the product, we recommend cleaning the surface of the products (faucets, shower columns, hand and overhead showers, hoses, siphons, drains and other accessories) only with a soft cloth and water. At the same time, we recommend wiping dry after use so that no drops of water remain on the surface and limescale cannot start to settle.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or aggressive cleaning agents for cleaning.

Extended battery tightness warranty

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