DRAGON Shower Door 1300mm, clear glass

Variability and comfort in the most popular Dragon series
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Brand   GELCO
Series   DRAGON
Size   130
Width   1300 mm
Height   2000 mm
Color profile   Chrome - Brushed aluminumChrome - Brushed aluminum Chrome - Brushed aluminum
Shape   Niche door
Type of opening   Sliding door
Glass finish   Coated glass
Glass thickness   8 mm
Installation width from   1220 mm
Installation width up to   1310 mm
Properties   Frameless design
Weight   59.928 kg
Packing   1 Piece
Guarantee   3 years


Frameless shower screens

Protection against water overflow is provided by a low overflow bar, which completes the clean appearance of the shower screen. Frameless shower screens thus create a fresh and elegant impression.


  • Installation size: 1220-1310 mm
  • Entry width: 470-550 mm
  • V / R variable version

An exceptional series of shower screens for all generations. The clean design will enhance the modern look of your bathroom.

General characteristics of the DRAGON series shower screens:

  • Massive bearing wheels and the lower guide part guarantee perfect operation for many years.
  • The door is made of 8 mm thick safety glass with a double-sided COATED GLASS finish for easy maintenance.
  • The splash of water is prevented by a sill strip and a magnetic seal.
  • The door is divided into a sliding part and a fixed part.
  • The door glass is freely hinged without the lower guide profile.
  • Design: variable for installation with left and right opening.
  • For higher stability, we recommend installing a screen with a GDV300 strut
  • Extended warranty 3 years

Threshold bar
The sill strip can be glued to the floor / tray or it can be fixed with the enclosed screws, which you cover with chrome caps.
Guide part
The safety glass door is hinged and its movement is directed by the guide part on the floor. Dragon sliding screens thus allow barrier-free entry.
Massive wheels
The Dragon series is characterized by massive bearing wheels, which guarantee the perfect operation of the screens for many years.


  • A chemical compound of polymer mixtures which, in conjunction with catalysts, reacts with silicate groups contained in glass
  • A continuous layer of film is formed on the glass surfaces, which has the task of filling the micropores in the glass and repelling water.

How does COATED GLASS work?

  • Due to the water-repellent film, water droplets clump and run off the glass surface
  • Even if small droplets are slightly retained on the glass, COATED GLASS does not cause chemical bonding, the glass will not be disturbed and will not turn gray
  • However, even glass treated in this way requires occasional maintenance, which is very easy and time-saving thanks to COATED GLASS; we recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT products for glass cleaning

Possibility of custom production of screens according to the client's requirements up to a height of 2000 mm

  • Variable tailor-made screen solutions
  • Height up to 2000 mm
  • It represents a solution for almost any space
  • The price is increased by 40% (to the type with the nearest size)
  • The ATYPic solution will be priced and made only on the basis of a sketch from the customer
  • Contact our support for more information

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