What are cookies?

Cookies are text files placed on your computer, mobile device, or a device that is connected to the computer.

What cookies do?

Cookies allow websites UBC Ltd. remember information about you and your devices, including:

Remembering the language settings
Remembering your username
Loading configuration details about your device
Optimizing page views based on your device

Why Website UBC Ltd. You need to use your cookies?

Websites and services UBC Ltd. must be able to store and retrieve information using cookies to help provide services or information you request. The storage and retrieval takes place only in the event that such service will use.
When you visit our website, we collect data on how the site you are using. This information is stored on your computer in a file called a cookie.
The data that we collect, including information, whether you are on our Web site by search engines or otherwise, and which elements of the site you were the most popular. Gathering this information allows us to improve the website, which simplifies and accelerates their use. We are also able to help other people find it easier our website.
If you visit our website, this data will be collected.

Buttons for sharing on social networks

On some pages of our site you will find buttons for sharing on social networks. It allows you to easily share web pages from UBC Ltd. on websites Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you share a page in this way, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ may use their own cookies to track your activities. UBC Company Ltd. He has no control over any data collected by the Web site of social networks.