TRACCIA ceramic washbasin 40x15x40cm

Modern trend in sanitary ceramics
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Order code698911
ColourWhiteWhite White
Material Ceramic
InstallationHanging on the wall-Bolts, The status
Tap holesWithout hole
Owerflow Yes
Size40x15x40 cm
Width40 cm cm
Depth40 cm cm
Style Square
Type Washbasin
Something extraTowel holder - optional equipment
Guarantee24 months
Package weight12,351 kg


Washbasin with overflow. It comes without a hole for the battery, which is pre-prepared. Holes for a three-element washbasin faucet are also pre-prepared
It can also be supplied with water from the wall.
The washbasin can be hung on the wall or placed on a countertop.
The towel holder is not part of the washbasin. You will find the appropriate type of holder in the accessories.

Sanitary ceramics TRACCIA is a design and appealing series of ceramics that keeps up with modern trends in square shapes, but not only. The series is very wide in terms of both shape and size. There are two types of sinks: square with rounded corners and strictly square. Both types can be added with towels. For toilet bowls and bidets you can find variants: big, small and slim, varying in size and design. Sanitary ceramics GSI comes with EXTRAWHITE GLAZURA, which excels with better quality and more emphasizes the shapes of ceramics, is whiter and brighter. In short, it is not white as white!

The extraglaze® ceramic glaze is applied to the products during the production cycle prior to firing, thus ensuring its lasting effect.
Extraglaze® supplies the ceramics with a perfectly smooth surface, high gloss and protection against lime deposits. The ceramics are so bright and easy to clean.


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Photo: Baštová Eva

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