TFT Universal Touch Screen Programmable Room Thermostat

WARM TILES - underfloor heating
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Programmable universal thermostat - senses room and floor temperature. Touch (lockable) display with optional background color, CZ menu, choice of measured temperatures: "floor / space / floor + space / 2x floor + space"; adjustable control type: fixed temperature difference or PWM (pulse width modulation); calculating operating costs (day / month / year); room and floor temperature display.
Three different weekly programs can be created in the thermostat, each with up to 10 temperature changes per day - individually for each day of the week; separately for weekdays and weekends (5 + 2 days); for the whole week (same program for all 7 days). Temperature changes are programmed in 15 minute steps with an accuracy of 0.5 ° C, min. duration is 60 minutes.

Operating modes: automatic (by program), constant temperature (analog thermostat simulation), timer (set temperature is maintained for set time), no freezing (frost protection), holiday (other mode is maintained for set time - off / constant temperature / no freezing / other program), or the thermostat can be switched off .

Technical parameters:

  • Switching contact 16A (over 2kW recommended to switch over power relay)
  • Temperature setting range 5… 35 ° C in 0.5 ° C increments, max. And min. floor temperature, function of gradual heating of the floor (first heating of cables in
  • concrete),
  • Possibility of sensor calibration, selection of the ohmic value of the sensor (when connecting probes from other thermostats).
  • The 3m floor probe is included in the thermostat package
  • Installation on KU / KP 68.
  • The probe can be extended with a min. cross section 2x 0.33mm2 up to 13m (3 + 10m).

Heating mats and Warm Tiles with increased protection in damp areas increase comfort when using the bathroom, toilet or kitchen. Using the wall thermostat, the desired floor temperature and switching time can be selected. The floor can be warm only in the morning and in the evening when you use the bathroom most often. The installation itself during the laying of the tiles is not complicated and will certainly pay off. The warm floor will enjoy bare feet not only in the winter months.


  • Minimum mounting height 3-5 mm
  • Mounting directly under the tile into flexible adhesive
  • Suitable for any substrate, it can also be used for existing paving during the reconstruction
  • Faster start of heating than with conventional systems
  • Easy and fast installation during tiling
  • Possibility to use as year-round or additional heating
  • The possibility of heating selected areas or entire surfaces
  • Simple operation via wall thermostat
  • The goods are produced in the Czech Republic

More information:

Resistor cables are the most common type of heating cables. The core of these cables is the so-called resistance (resistive material) that is heated when the electric current passes.

The underside of the mat is fitted with a double-sided adhesive tape, allowing the mat to be fixed to the substrate rather than overlaid with flexible cement.

The heating mat is actually a heating circuit that is fixed to the fabric into loops with uniform spacing. The laying mat is considerably easier than for the heating cable, even distribution of the flat power is ensured.

Two-core heating cable - the connection wire is only at one end of the heating cable. When installing, it is not necessary to return with the cable back to the connection point.

The mat should not be placed under the furnishings such as bathtubs, showers, toilets, etc., as well as furniture that does not allow free air flow. Minimum spacing of heating cables from fittings (bathtub, shower, built-in wardrobe, kitchen ...) to prevent heat removal and the walls are 5 cm.

Installation and connection of two heating mats is possible. Linking is the mind of el. the mats are connected in parallel to the thermostat output - both mats are switched simultaneously. Connection of one mat on the other end is not possible.

By not using a sufficient layer of thermal insulation under the heating system, you are exposed to the risk of heat loss down into the floor. For optimal operating parameters, we recommend using our special ISOLA insulating washers.

How fast can you expect heating up? With additional isolation ISOLA approx. 10-15 minutes * ) , without additional insulation (according to floor composition) 1-3 hours, in extreme cases (floor without thermal insulation) the system can be practically inoperative.

* ) Increase of floor surface temperature from 20 ° C to approx. 27 ° C at air temperature 20-22 ° C.

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