LOSANGA WC cistern

Tank for WC combi LOSANGA.
Modern trend in sanitary ceramics
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Order code758111
ColourWhiteWhite White
Material Ceramic
Size29x43x16 cm
Width29 cm cm
Depth16 cm cm
Style Round
Guarantee24 months
Package weight14,601 kg


A universal solution that allows water to be supplied from below, in left or right design, or from behind. See the technical drawing for more.

Sanitary ceramics LOSANGA is a series of completely new and unique shapes. Most sinks in this series can be used as a hanging, on a plate or half-tapped into a board. An interesting addition to most sinks is towel holders. All sinks are newly supplied with a battery hole, any washbasin stand batteries from our range can be used. Sanitary ceramics GSI comes with EXTRAWHITE GLAZURA, which excels with better quality and more emphasizes the shapes of ceramics, is whiter and brighter. In short, it is not white as white!


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