ESSEFLOW 82 Stainless Steel Drain Channel with Grate 820x66x80 mm

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Order code6973.201.8
BrandOmp Tea
ColourStainless steelStainless steel Stainless steel
Material Stainless steel
Diameter of waste50 mm
Size88x13,6x8 cm
Length88 cm
Width13.6 cm
Depth8 cm
Guarantee24 months
Package weight5,200 kg


Replacement for this product: 6963.201.8

  • Installation dimensions: 88x13,6x8 cm
  • Grid size: 82x6,6 cm
  • Internal dimensions of the grate: 79.15x3.75 cm

Esseflow stainless steel floor channels with grate in modern design and perfect workmanship. An elegant shower draining solution that keeps the bathroom compact and harmonized. It serves to drain floor surfaces inside buildings, especially shower enclosures and bathrooms, where it replaces a shower tray or floor drain.


  • The stainless steel grate has an adjustable height according to the paving thickness of 10-20 mm
  • Removable siphon for regular cleaning and inspection or cleaning of downstream piping
  • There is a complete range of accessories to connect the waterproofing to achieve perfect sealing throughout the bathroom
  • A flow rate of 46 l / min is sufficient for most conventional showers
  • Installation height of only 80 mm is suitable for bathroom renovation
  • Internal grate width 49 mm
  • The package includes insulating fabric and waterproofing foil
  • Material - satin stainless steel AISI 316

ESSEFLOW channel gratings have an overall width of 60 mm and an inner width of only 49 mm, a unique shape and a perfectly smooth surface.

Easy maintenance
The user-friendliness is enhanced by an effective anti-odor closure that incorporates a hair catch grille. Easy to remove and clean. Provides full access to the drain pipe for possible cleaning.

Smooth surface and easy maintenance
All ESSEFLOW shower channels are brushed in satin gloss and have a perfectly smooth surface. They are therefore easy to maintain, as water and soap residues can be easily removed.

Adjustable legs
Height-adjustable feet help set the channel in the required position and height (80-120 mm) and greatly facilitate installation.

Insulating fabric
Insulating fabric helps to achieve perfect waterproofing.


  • The drainage capacity of the gutter is determined not only by the drainage capacity of the gutter itself, but also by the drain pipe to which it will be connected.
  • The length of the drain pipe to the vertical drain pipe must be as short as possible.
  • There must be as few bends as possible in the drain pipe.
  • The drain pipe must have a sufficient gradient of at least 2 cm / m. The shower channels are available in various standard lengths so that the most suitable size can always be selected. Carefully check (after you have determined the shower tray) that the space needed is available.


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