DEEP Shower Door 1100x1500mm, clear glass

Shower enclosures and shower trays with practical use
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Order codeMD1115
Color profileChrome - Brushed aluminumChrome - Brushed aluminum Chrome - Brushed aluminum
Width110 cm
Height1500 mm
Glass thickness6 mm
Shape Niche door
Type Retracting
PropertiesFrame design
Guarantee24 months
Package weight30,000 kg



  • Mounting dimension to niche: 1095 ± 20 mm
  • Mounting dimension with sidewall: 1110 ± 20 mm
  • Design: variable, left and right opening
  • Input: 450mm

Many of these shower screens and baths are based on the Easy Line series. Shower screens have a reduced height and are suitable for installation on DEEP deep baths. The screen filling is made of safety glass with a thickness of 6 mm.

Characteristics of shower doors for the DEEP series

  • Sliding door 2-piece (width 1000 mm folding)
  • The door can be installed in a niche or by connecting to the side wall
  • The upper and lower double bearing carriages guarantee trouble-free operation
  • Door tilting system with lower bearings for easy cleaning
  • Safety clear glass with a thickness of 6 mm is used in the manufacture of the door
  • Polished aluminum profiles enhance the elegance of the screens
  • Easy installation, tolerance 20 mm by adjusting the glass in the profile
  • The doors are divided into a sliding part and a fixed part - they allow variable installation with left or right opening

Practically designed handle
for comfortable door opening
Any unevenness of the wall elegantly
hides the profile into which it slides
glass up to 20 mm as required
Seamless operation and easy cleaning
sliding doors provide
double tilting slides

Characteristics of trays and cladding panels of the DEEP series

  • It is excellent for the reconstruction of bathrooms in prefabricated houses
  • The tray is equipped with an overflow opening, so it can be safely filled
  • The legs are not part of the package, you will find the appropriate type in the accessories for each tray
  • The bathtub can be classically lined or PLAIN or TIFA cladding panels can be used

We recommend cleaning and protective agent CA-30400 for cleaning windows.

Extended Warranty

We provide a 10-year warranty on POLYSAN shower trays made of acrylic.
The condition of the warranty is correct installation according to the instructions, including the use of original POLYSAN stands (PO60 / 60, PO80 / 80, PO100 / 100, PO60 / 80 or PO60 / 100), depending on the type of deep tray. The recommended pedestal type is always listed with each deep tray accessory.

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