LILY Rectangular Bath 120x70x39cm, White

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Size   120x70x39 cm
Length   1200 mm
Width   700 mm
Height   390 mm
Volume   150 l
Colour   WhiteWhite White
Material   Acrylate Polysan
Shape   Rectangular
Installation   With panel
Waste diameter   52 mm
Weight   11.8 kg
Packing   1 Piece
Guarantee   10 years



All acrylic bathtubs and shower trays Polysan are made of Akripol acrylic sheets. Unlike co-extruded acrylic sheets which having a softer surface and a lower chemical resistance, Akripol acrylic sheets are produce by casting. Exceptionally strong, durable, scratch and chemical resistant, Akripol is warm to touch and comes in an infinite array of rich colours and effects. It can be thermoformed easily.


The LILY bathtub is suitable for smaller bathrooms, where, despite its small dimensions, it provides a comfortable bath. In combination with the bath screen, you also get a shower.

  • The condition of the product warranty is the use of the recommended type of stand


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