SAND Counter Top Ceramic Washbasin 60x38 cm, white ExtraGlaze

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Brand   GSI
Series   SAND
Size   60x14x38 cm
Width   600 mm
Depth   380 mm
Colour   WhiteWhite White
Material   Ceramic
Installation   Freestanding
Type washbasins   Countertop washbasin
Tap hole   Without tap hole
Owerflow   No
Shape   RectangleRectangle Rectangle
Equipment   ExtraGlaze
Weight   12.2 kg
Packing   1 Piece
Guarantee   2 years

Series description

Characteristics of the SAND series:

  • square washbasins with subtly rounded corners and a slender front edge
  • The toilet bowl is equipped with the SAVE WATER system, which allows flushing only 4.5 liters of water, a seat with the SOFT CLOSE system (slow tilting) and QUICK RELEASE (removable seat)
  • Toilet bowl with Swirlflush® flushing system
  • all ceramic article of the series is provided with EXTRAGLAZE glaze

Extraglaze® ceramic glaze is applied to products during the production cycle before firing, thus guaranteeing its lasting effect.
Extraglaze® gives ceramics a perfectly smooth surface, high gloss and protection against limescale deposits. The ceramics are so bright white and easy to clean.

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