Water Pressure Reducing Valve G 1"

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Material Brass
SizeG 1"
Guarantee120 months
Package weight0,200 kg


The 4 bar pressure limiter is an element designed primarily for indoor installations of domestic drinking water systems.
It limits and stabilizes the water pressure at the inlet from the distribution line to the building to a fixed value of 4 bar.
The pressure limiter protects wiring, fittings, fixtures and household appliances connected to the water supply (washing machines, dishwashers) from the undesirable effects of too high water pressure, which is particularly evident during the night with small offtake. It also optimizes the operating pressure of the water in front of the safety valves at the boiler or boiler inlets. Reduces pressure regardless of whether or not water is drawn from the system at any given time.
The pressure limiter has a simple compact design of small dimensions and can be easily installed in water pipes. It is reliable, has a long service life and does not require regular maintenance during operation.

Technical and design data

  • Dimension G 1 "
  • Valve body: brass
  • Spring: stainless steel
  • Piston with POM pin
  • O-rings: Viton®
  • Outlet pressure: 4 bar (factory preset)
  • Minimum inlet pressure: 5 bar
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 16 bar
  • Temperature range: <50 ° C (for cold drinking water)
  • Maximum flow: 60 liters per minute
  • Overall length: 43 mm


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