STREAM CLEAN - Cleaning System

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Series   Optional accessories
Weight   2.3 kg
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Guarantee   2 years


The Stream Clean disinfection control can be integrated into the control of hydromassage baths, TYPES A, Z, L, B and D.

StreamClean disinfection flush

It is a disinfection system with flushing of pipelines (water / hydro massage) of a new generation, which excels in ease of use and extremely low water consumption. The flushing system is connected directly to the water massage hoses and can therefore only be used with systems that are equipped with a water / hydro massage system (HYDRO, KOMBI, HYDRO LUX or KOMBI LUX).

It is necessary especially when installing a hydromassage bath (HV) in public facilities (hotel, relaxation center, spa, etc.). It is suitable for installing HV for private use (household) due to high hygiene and long-term maintenance of distribution systems in perfect condition.

Cycle after pressing the button
Switches on the disinfection pump for 30 s
After 5 seconds of running the disinfection pump, the pressurized water valve closes for 25 s
The pressurized water and the disinfection pump are switched off, the water flows freely out of the bath for 60 s
Pressurized water switches on for 40 s
The pressurized water is switched off, the water flows freely from the bath for 60 s
Switches on drying (compressor) for 60 s (only sparkling bath distribution is dried)

Advantages of StreamClean disinfection rinsing
Automatic operation - after pressing the button, everything is automatically controlled by a microprocessor and it is possible to leave the bathroom.
Very low water consumption with maximum cleaning effect - water consumption is between 15-25 l of water for the entire rinsing cycle (compared to water consumption in "classic" disinfection 200 - 400 l of water).
100% guarantee of rinsing with clean unpolluted water

Construction readiness
Before installing HV with integrated StreamClean disinfection flush, it is necessary to lead a cold pressurized water supply terminated by a 1/2 “x 3/4“ washing machine valve into the installation space under the bathtub (preferably on the side or rear wall).
During installation, this valve is connected by a standard pressure hose (not included) to the solenoid valve of the StreamClean system.