STADIUM W Oval Bath 190x95x46cm, Colour Panel 1555 wenge

Bathtubs that stand out in the bathroom
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Logo: Polysan
Order code72160-1555
Colourwhite/wengewhite/wenge white/wenge
Material Acrylate
Diameter of waste52 mm
Size190x95x46 cm
Length190 cm
Width95 cm
Depth46 cm
Volume308 l
Shape Freestanding
Guarantee120 months
Package weight47,000 kg


Free standing acrylic bathtubs in a space with lining in 5 colors - this is the design delicacy of the Czech manufacturer POLYSAN. The cladding of the Austrian company EGGER is made of waterproof plywood, resistant to high humidity and water. This material is also used to make kitchen worktops.
The entire self-supporting cladding construction is on height-adjustable plastic feet. A tub is fitted into this structure, which also has adjustable feet, which allows a better alignment of the entire tub to a horizontal position. So the bathtub does not fit the lining structure, but with a minimal expansion joint above it. This joint must be filled with silicone, preferably transparent.

Lining material: waterproof plywood EGGER - color 1555 Wenge

Surface Maintenance:
Wash the laminate with a soft sponge or cloth soaked in normal detergent (Jar, PUR). Do not use abrasive sponges and aggressive solvents.

It is necessary to order separately an overflow set with a length of min.

A freestanding bath can be one of the dominant features in the bathroom. These baths give the impression of comfort and luxury. Freestanding bathtubs are bathtubs for space that are not walled, bricked or tiled. You can place this type of bath anywhere in the bathroom, even if you want to have a nice view from the bathtub. They have an elegant design and thanks to the material used high strength and stability. Made in a wide range of designs, they are suitable for bathrooms of different styles. They will find their use in modern, luxury and classic bathrooms.

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