PEDRO WC pan S-trap/P-trap, cistern with flush mechanism

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Size   35x82x65 cm
Width   350 mm
Depth   650 mm
Colour   WhiteWhite White
Material   Ceramic
Shape   Square
Equipment   Floor outlet, Back outlet
Weight   44.0 kg
Packing   1 Piece
Guarantee   2 years


Package includes toilet bowl (bottom / rear waste - universal), cistern with flushing valve including dual chrome button to save water.

Recommended toilet seat LISA 1703-746 soft close, must be mounted before fixing the toilet to the floor and connection to the waste and water. Retrofitting the seat to an already attached toilet is only possible with the help of the expansion hinge 1703-HS01. The seat is not part of the toilet. Must be ordered. A suitable seat type can be found in the accessories.
Water inlet (inlet valve) bottom right.
The bowl has openings for the inlet (tubing) from the left and right sides, one hole is blinded.