MODULAR SHOWER Wall-Mount Sidewall for Module 2, 1200mm, right

Variable solution for assembled screens
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Width   1200 mm
Height   2000 mm
Shape   L-shape fixed
Glass finish   Antidrop
Glass thickness   8 mm
Weight   54.0 kg
Pcs in package   1 Piece
Guarantee   2 years


MODULE MS2 - Additional panel fixed right for installation on a solid wall (part B)

  • Size: 1180 mm

Depending on the dimensions, it is necessary to buy a strut:

  • For dimensions up to 60 cm part B (MS2B) any strut can be used
  • For longer wing (MS2B) it is necessary to use strut MSBR1 or MSBR3 or a combination of struts MSBR1 and MSBR4 for stability
    (suitable struts can be found in the accessories)

In order to create a two-part "L" -shaped screen, it is necessary to purchase a fixed wall MS2A in addition to the additional fixed panel.

Characteristics of the overall Module MS2 - Two-part L-shaped wall - solid wall with an additional fixed panel

This module consists of two parts - A and B. Both parts are solid, fixed to the floor with silicone.

Part A:

  • It is a solid wall made of clear glass and a wall profile with 0-30 mm adjustment for wall mounting
  • It is universal for left and right versions and is available in five sizes.

Part B:

  • There is an additional fixed panel with a connecting "U" profile to part A
  • We offer in six widths, in right and left variants

In total, Module 2 can be combined in 30 variants.

The modular solution allows many combinations of shower enclosure positions , examples of combinations here:

The new Modular shower screen concept offers four glass modules with profiles for easy installation. The glasses are provided on both sides with an Antidrop surface treatment, which facilitates cleaning. The glass height of 2000 mm and the thickness of 8 mm are preserved.
Depending on the dimensions of the glass, it is always necessary to purchase the necessary strut to ensure the stability of the screen. The struts are made of stainless steel and can be shortened as desired, the cut is hidden in chrome-plated end pieces (except for the corner strut, which cannot be modified).
The glasses are provided with an aluminum profile at the bottom, which gives the screens a more elegant look, at the same time better sealing and easier handling and installation.

The wall profile allows a tolerance of 0-30 mm. The glasses are provided with an aluminum profile at the bottom,
which gives the screens a more elegant look, at the same time
seals better and simplifies handling and installation.

The screens are made of safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm

ANTIDROP - glass protection against limescale deposits and for easy maintenance

ATYP - the possibility of custom production of screens according to the client's requirements up to a height of 2000 mm

We recommend the cleaning and protective agent CA-30400 for cleaning the windows.

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