MODULAR Shower, Dimensions mm: A782 B=C+D C380 D<500 H2000

Variable solution for assembled screens
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Order codeMS110A
Width78 cm
Height2000 mm
Glass thickness8 mm
Shape No-door screens
Easy maintenance Antidrop
Guarantee24 months
Package weight66,020 kg


In addition to the standard dimensions, a screen of atypical dimensions can also be made at the customer's request

The stated dimensions in mm indicate the outer dimension of the screen, including wall and connecting profiles.

The modular solution allows for many combinations of shower enclosure position , examples of combinations here:

The new Modular shower concept offers four glass modules with profiles for easy installation. Both sides are coated with Antidrop for easier cleaning. Glass height 2000 mm and thickness 8 mm are maintained.
Depending on the dimensions of the glass, it is always necessary to buy the necessary strut to ensure the screen stability. The struts are made of stainless steel and can be cut to any length, the cut is hidden in chrome end pieces (except for a corner strut that cannot be modified).
The lenses are fitted with an aluminum profile at the bottom, which gives the screens a more elegant appearance, at the same time better sealing and facilitates handling and installation.

The wall profile allows a tolerance of 25 mm. The glass is fitted with an aluminum profile at the bottom,
which gives the screens a more elegant look, at the same time
better sealing and easier handling and installation.

The screens are made of safety glass 8 mm thick

ANTIDROP - glass protection against scale build-up and easy maintenance

ATYP - custom production of screens according to client's requirements up to 2000 mm

For cleaning the glass, we recommend CA-30400 .

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