MD300x600 Magnetic Inspection Hatch

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Order codeMD300X600
Material ABS/Steel. galvanized metal plate
Size300x600 mm
Guarantee24 months
Package weight1,620 kg



The magnetic door under the tiles serves to cover the inspection openings in the walls, where the final requirement with the glued facing is another requirement. The magnetic door is not designed to separate fire compartments or escape routes.


Supporting plate - steel, galvanized sheet
Frame - PVC (demountable)
Magnets - ferrite magnet anisotropic (height adjustable)


no decor interruption
we do not need to pair the door - the PVC joint frame will be replaced
the frame can be applied to all tile thicknesses
the door can be easily opened by the suction cup
very simple and quick to install


glue the tiles with silicone (acrylic glue) to the support plate made of galvanized sheet
put the door into the frame and check its tightness and squareness
then open the door and frame it under the tiles together with the surrounding tiles *
the frame is collapsible. We can change the dimension with a tolerance of +/- 5mm
the door is adjusted by means of adjustable magnets with a threaded connection


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Photo: Videmanová Jitka

Videmanová Jitka