GRETA Cultured Marble Washbasin 60x45cm, white

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Order code80631
ColourWhiteWhite White
Material Cultured marble
InstallationInto furniture
Tap holes1 hole
Owerflow Yes
Size60x45 cm
Width60 cm
Depth45 cm
Style1 1
Type Furniture washbasin
Guarantee24 months
Package weight11,250 kg



Cast marble is a homogeneous material that exhibits high rigidity and stability. The surface of GELCOAT products is tough and resists use in bathrooms.

Cast marble is made from a mixture of ground limestone, glass sand, polyester resin and dyes. The product is cast into laminate or metal molds. The finished product surface is protected by a shiny polyester resin coating called GELCOAT, which facilitates cleaning and ensures color stability.

By casting cast marble, the exact dimensions and smooth surface of the products can be achieved. This advantage gives designers a wide range of applications.

Cast marble washbasins and baths are manufactured to the highest standards of environmental protection and are classified in stone products.


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