ARDESIA Calzada Gris 45x45 (pack= 1 m2)

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CharacterFrost resistance, Anti-slip surface, Porcelain, Shade variation
Abrasion ResistancePEI IV
UseWall tiles, Floor tiles
Size45x45 cm
Package contains1m2, 5ks
Package weight15,000 kg / m2


Frost resistance

Frost resistance

Frost resistance is determined by the degree of water absorption of the tile (ie it does not provide water to freeze it). For tiles for indoor use is not required frost resistance and moisture absorption is usually more than 10 %. In contrast, frost-resistant glazed tiles have an absorption of up to 3 %. For exterior are suitable sintered tiles with water absorption below 0.5 %.

Anti-slip surface

Anti-slip surface

Non-slip tiles meet prescribed friction coefficient values. This indicates the resistance of the pavement in shear friction.
Anti-slip tiles provide greater safety in areas where there is an increased risk of slipping, whether walking barefoot or in footwear.


Porcelain tiles

By pushing into the mold under high pressure remains in the ceramics minimum of air bubbles. It is then fired at high temperatures, making the final product hard, strong and abrasion resistant. At the same time, it is less absorbent. Located universal use in interior and exterior, on walls and floors. Sintered paving is especially suited to high-stressed areas such as tiles or building facades.

Shade variation

Shade variation

Individual tiles show fluctuations in color.

Abrasion Resistance

Use of glazed tiles by abrasion resistance:

Class PEI IV. - designed for busy foot traffic and stronger pollution, eg. Interiors of administrative buildings, hotel corridors, business rooms and offices.

Wall tiles

Wall tiles

Tiles can only be used for application on the wall (= a tile).

Floor tiles

Floor tiles

Tiles suitable for laying on the floor (= like tiles), also can be used for wall cladding.


Matte surface

Matt glaze tile.


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