VOLCANO BLACK Side Panel 900 mm, clear glass

Designed series of shower curtains with a hinged wheel hinge
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Your price incl. VAT 458,59 €/Piece
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Date: 30.08.2020

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Order codeGV3490
Color profileBlack matBlack mat Black mat
Depth90 cm
Height2180 mm
Glass thickness8 mm
Shape Fixed wall to shower door
Easy maintenance Coated glass
Guarantee36 months
Package weight45,000 kg



  • Installation size: 880-900 mm
  • V / R variable version

The price is only for the side wall. To create the entire shower enclosure, it is necessary to purchase a shower door. Suitable accessories can be found in the accessories.

Overall characteristics of shower screens of the VOLCANO series:

  • Massive lap wheels guarantee perfect handling for many years
  • Aluminum profiles in two color variants - chrome and matt black
  • The 8 mm safety glass with COATED GLASS double-sided finish for easy maintenance
  • Splashing and magnetic seals prevent water splash
  • Doors are divided into a sliding part and a fixed part
  • The door glass is freely suspended without the lower guide rail
  • Design: variable for installation with left and right openings
  • Extended warranty for 3 years

Louder wheels are a distinctive feature of the screen. They enhance its distinctive design while guaranteeing perfect door movement. An overflow bar is connected to the guide piece which directs the movement of the door. The design allows for convenient entry. The elegant handrail is a suitable accessory for this modern screen while also facilitating the comfortable opening of the door.


  • A chemical compound of a mixture of polymers that reacts with the silicate groups contained in the glass in conjunction with the catalysts
  • A continuous layer of film is created on the glass surfaces to fill the micropores in the glass and repel water

How does COATED GLASS work?

  • Due to the water-repellent film, water droplets collapse and run from the surface of the glass
  • Even if small drops are kept on the glass, COATED GLASS will not be chemically bonded, glass will not be distorted and will not become gray
  • However, this glass also requires occasional maintenance, which is very easy and time-consuming thanks to COATED GLASS; we recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT to clean glasses

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