TABELLA bathroom radiator 490/1190, black matt

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Brand   SAPHO
Series   TABELLA
Size   490x1190 mm
Width   490 mm
Height   1190 mm
Volume   0.5 l
Colour   Black matBlack mat Black mat
Material   Steel
Shape   Design, Heating panels
Possibility of heating   Central heating
Spacing connection 50 mm   Symmetric (Center)
Spacing connection   50 mm
Output   549 W
Temperature gradient   75/65/20 °C
Equipment   Towel holder: additional equipment
Weight / Piece   21.5 kg
Packing   1 Piece
Guarantee   2 years


Central heating

In the case of central heating, the selection of the connection valves is very important. You can choose between using a manual valve or a valve with a thermostatic head.

Manual valve: the valve control head can be installed on the left/right side regardless of the hot water supply location. The temperatur eis controlled manually.
A valve with a thermostatic head: the integrated thermostat maintains the temperature inside the towel rail. The thermostatic head must be located at the hot water inlet.

The connection valves we offer are supplied with a clamping fitting for the most common pipes (Ø15 mm for copper and Ø16 mm for Alupex), so there is no need to buy anything else for the connection. For covering the inlet pipes and holes in the wall, we recommend the addition of cover rosettes.

Towel rail with a 50 mm connection spacing
Towel rail with side connection
Towel rail with a single-point connection

Series description

Original, exceptionally ultra-thin radiators with beautiful elegant shapes will be not only a source of heat, but also a design element of the bathroom. The radiator is made of carbon steel with a thickness of 10 mm. With connection to the central heating circuit, with central connection 50 mm.

  • We recommend adding practical brushed steel towel holders, which are available for purchase
  • Connecting valves are not included in the package


Photo: TABELLA bathroom radiator 490/1190, white matt
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