What does mean Solid Surface (Rockstone,artificial stone technical marble)

Artificial plates Rockstone

Solid Surface material is manufactured in plates, but can be finely molded into various shapes - such as sinks, sinks, shower trays and even bathtubs. It mimics the look of stone, wood or other natural materials.

Solid Surface - Rockstone is a massive homogeneous material of a thickness of 12 mm made from a blend of natural stone and acrylate. Rockstone has a homogeneous solid surface for many applications, making it ideal as a surface material in the home, but is also widely used for commercial purposes for the production of elegant cabinets and worktops. Variety of colors and textures allows combination with other materials for perfect harmony with furniture, paintings and tiles in your home. Day care is very easy and always keeps the surface clean. Scratches are easily removed with a soft detergent and again and restore surface luster. Furthermore Rockstone solid, non-porous, compact material. Excels in resistance to stains and does not absorb. For seamless connections because nowhere place for bacteria and dust.