VITRA LINE Quadrant Shower Enclosure 1200x900mm, R550, left/clear glass

Handles and hinges in square design
Frameless hinged screens VITRA LINE
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Order codeBN4915L
Radius R550
Width120 cm
Depth90 cm
Height2000 mm
Glass thickness8 mm
ShapeCurved quadrant shower Curved quadrant shower
Type Opening single wing
Easy maintenance Antidrop
Guarantee24 months
Package weight76,050 kg


  • 2 fixed parts, 1 door
  • Opening left
  • Screen with square handles and hinges
  • 2 corner strut wall / glass made of chrome-plated brass
  • External installation size: 1174x874 mm +/- 10 mm

The 120x90 quadrant screen is made up of three different glass parts, while the door itself is designed for an optimum width of 55 cm. This ensures an ideal entrance and comfortable opening that does not require large space in front of the shower. Common, cheaper solutions of this type of screen have two narrow straight side windows and too big and heavy doors

Frameless hinged screens VITRA LINE is characterized by modern design that will attract even the most demanding customer. Narrow wall moldings, elegant handles and minimalist hinges are perfectly matched to give the screens a unique look. The safety glass is treated with ANTIDROP for easy cleaning. Height 2000 mm, glass thickness 6 mm for doors and 8 mm for solid parts.

A practical addition is the possibility of sticking a square or round handle on the towel directly on the glass surface or using hanging shelves (towel rails and shelves are not part of the screens). We recommend cast marble trays or drainage channels to shower screens. All these accessories can be found in the accessories.

We recommend CA-30400 Cleaning and Protection to clean the glass.

Total Characteristics of VITRA LINE Shower Enclosures:

  • ANTIDROP protection against lime scale and easy maintenance
  • Oval or angular handles and hinges of chrome-plated brass
  • The strut is included
  • Easy installation with adjustable wall profile 0-20 mm
  • Aluminum sill bar
  • Extra clear magnetic seal
  • Installation on a tray or on the floor
  • Meets EN 14448

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