TAILOR+ plates

TAILOR + boards are based on the TAILOR series. By adding a hole for a towel on the right side of the front of the board, we obtained a practical and design-wise different product. The boards are made by gluing and subsequent polishing from the Solid Surface - Rockstone material with a thickness of 12 mm.
Rockstone is a massive homogeneous material made of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer. The holes for the sink drain and the free-standing faucet can be drilled before mounting the plate with a crown drill. On request, we drill holes according to the supplied drawing for an additional charge. It is also possible to make any size up to 350 cm long and 60 cm deep. In this case, the price is on request. To calculate the price, please contact our sales department. When ordering, do not forget to state the required color of the board. Support brackets for purchase (up to 1 m in length, 2 consoles, over 1 m in length 3-4 consoles; approx. Every 0.5 m / 1 console).
Color design according to the swatch.

Collar design with towel holder on the right (collar height 8-16 cm):

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